Tilt & Stack



Parma’s unique and patented mechanism consists of screw bars on both sides of the opening. Traveling nuts are mounted on the screw bars and are in turn mounted to the louvers or bars that will close the opening. The rotation of the screw bars moves the louvers up to open, and down to close the opening.

The screw based Parma mechanism is defined by its simplicity and durability. High quality engineering and production combine to create a mechanical environment that supports a large variety of applications, from glass louvers to Hurricane shutters.Parma’s Tilt & Stack™ louver can be installed in various orientations, allowing a wide variety of architectural and engineering applications.The system louvers can be:

Mounted horizontally as a shutter or door element

Mounted vertically for balcony enclosures, etc.

Mounted as a roof element in a pergola or lanai.


The Tilt & Stack™ Louver’s inherent benefits:

Versatility– Louvers can be fully or partially retracted, fully or partially tilted, or any combination of the two, for one of a kind air, light and privacy adjustments.

Appearance – Unique and flexible louver designs (both profile and material) meet state of the art architectural home design requirements.

Resistance – Can withstand severe weather conditions in all louver positions.

Ease of Installation – minimum, or no structural preparation required.

Robust – Protects against intrusion, as well as insulates against heat, cold and noise. The simple mechanical construction provides high operational reliability
The unique functionality, look, and the strong, sturdy Louvers of the Parma Tilt & Stack™ system, provide unsurpassed advantages to any installation, putting it way ahead of all other products.