Tilt & Stack


The Tilt & Stack™ mechanism uniquely allows for both stacking and tilting of louvers of almost any size, shape, and material.

The spindle based mechanism is simple and durable, indifferent to gravity, and can be installed in any orientation, supporting a large variety of applications.



The Tilt & Stack™ advantages:

Versatility– Louvers can be fully or partially retracted, fully or partially tilted, or any combination of the two, for one of a kind air, light, and privacy adjustments.

Appearance – The system supports almost any material and shape of louvers, providing maximal designing flexibility.

Resistance – Can withstand severe weather conditions in all louver positions.

Ease of Installation – Minimum, or no structural preparation required.

Robust – The simple mechanical construction provides high operational reliability. The sturdy louvers protect against intrusion and insulate against heat, cold, and noise.

The Tilt & Stack™ system’s unmatched functionality, look, and strength, provide unsurpassed advantages to any installation, putting it way ahead of all other solutions.